The Power of Choice – paperback


Keywords: awareness, perseverance, leadership, mindset, growth, personal story, self-help, commitment, authenticity, confidence, resilience



I went from being a girl without self-esteem, self-belief, or knowledge of who I was to a woman with perseverance, commitment, and authenticity. With this book, I want to show each and every one of you who believes “you are the way you are” and “you are just born that way” that you are not fixed. By sharing my journey and my tips, I want to encourage you to live your true life. This book is for those who are open to becoming aware and have the courage to take action. You can shift if you choose to do so. The power of choice.

Life is a journey of becoming conscious, unlocking your inner power, and moving forward. Your outlook on yourself and your life determines your actions. With becoming the director of your life, taking action, facing resistance and becoming more resilient, you create your true life. By becoming resilient your mental fitness increases and the uncertainties, risks, and other emotional challenges you see are not as frightening anymore. What blessing it is in this rapidly changing world we live in. It gives you opportunities. You will have a different experience of life. And with you living your best life, you have a great impact on others. You will never want to go back to how it once was.

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