Moving forward to your full potential

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The workbook to move forward in life

Are you ready to grow?
Are ready to invest in yourself?
I have created a workbook to help you to move forward in life.
To gain insight and awareness of who you are, to connect more with yourself and take steps on your path to your full potential.
Only knowing is not enough, you have to come into action.
Are you ready to do the work and move forward?

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Benefits workbook

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There is more in you than is coming out. Without knowing you, I know this is true. As I believe there is always something to learn when you are willing to see. Whatever it is that you want to work on, want to achieve, It is about creating awareness, making choices and increasing your mental fitness. And the taken action will move you forward in your life. Growing makes you feel alive, only this is reason enough to invest in yourself. This workbook is a guide in your process of personal growth. Get your workbook and move forward in your life!


5 lessons, each with an assignment and a 'did you know...'. Each step of the process will move you forward in life. You will learn more about yourself in these five areas:


About the author

My name is Nienke van Dijk (1980) and I am a coach and speaker. And I am the author of the book The Power of Choice. I am an experienced Human Resources professional in a wide variety of industries. With my many years of experience, extensive expertise, and deep understanding, I am able to guide people to get the most out of themselves and therefore their lives.