Hi, I’m Nienke

What do I do? I coach people. In what? In resilience. How? By helping people to chose and help them to move forward.
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To choose for leadership of your life.
To choose for growth and to embrace change.
To choose to face fears and to continue despite feeling fear.
To choose for moving and progress.
To choose to enjoy the process and not only the result.

One of my personal motives is progression. I'm happy to learn, grow, and to help others do the same. Everything is connected and therefore I believe in total packages where you are the common denominator. You are a hard worker that's why you are where you are right now. You are stuck somewhere and you are open for change you just don't know how and what exactly. Or you want more. Only hard work is not enough. You are tired, overwhelmed and/ or out of balance What to do?

What you need is someone who is listening (really listens!) objectively to you.

Makes you aware of your non-working thoughts and lets you discover what does work.

I have walked the path and I still do. I fall and get back up.

That is why I can help and support you as a coach.

You have to do it, but not alone.

Why a resilience coach?

A resilient person feels more vigorous after setbacks and change.
Let setback and change be inevitable.
Learn how to deal with this means better dealing with life.
Less out of balance and able to enjoy the process and not only the result.

A little bit more about myself:

  • Lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Born in 1980
  • Sportive
  • Entrepreneurs mindset
  • Personal mission: Moving forward to my full potential.
  • Traveler
  • Growth
  • Book reader
  • Cooking? Boiling water is my specialty
  • Grateful of the lovely people around me

The Power of Choice – A journey to resilience

I am the author of the book The Power of Choice. The book is about how to navigate in life, about resilience, about moving forward to your full potential. The book consists of two parts. The first part is how I became the authentic, committed and self-assured woman I am today which wasn’t a sure thing. And the second part of the book is what you need to become more resilient and how you can increase your mental fitness to become the director of your life and bounce back from difficult situations and setbacks.

Here is what others say about the book